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Number Plates in UK

The number plates provide unique identity to the vehicles and helps in tracing the car in case of an accident or violation of any law. Since 1904, it is compulsory to have a number plate on the vehicle in UK. Number plates are the registered trademark of the vehicle and according to the laws in UK, it is compulsory for each and every vehicle in UK to have a registered number plate. The law for Great Britain is DVLA, which means Driver and vehicle law authority. They are responsible for registration of number plates, the database of the drivers and the database of the vehicles that exist in Great Britain. DVLA also registers personalised number plates also known as cherished number plates for the vehicles in Great Britain. There is a release of private number plates, twice in a year in March and September. So, you have better chance of registering you personalised number plates of your choice with DVLA in these months. There are companies who claim to sell DVLA registered number plates but they do not, so please avoid those companies. While buying a personalised number plate, you have to make sure that you do not violate the rules of DVLA so buy a personalised number plate from as they provide authentically DVLA registered personalised number plates at a very affordable price.

Personalised Number Plates

When it comes to buying a number plate for your car, there are endless options available in the market. Many people want their number plate to be unique and different defining their personality, name, favourite sport or favourite date etc. personalised number plates are a great way to make your vehicle look unique. If you have a car with personalised number plate on it and you are planning to buy a new car, then you don’t have to buy a new personalised number plate because number plates registrations can be transferred between vehicles so you can take your personalised number plate with you at whatever point you decide to change your car. Now, with selecting the best personalised number plates, you can go for those numbers which are with least amount of numbers and letters.  Many people select birthdates, anniversaries, their own name, nick names, football team names etc. A good vehicle number plate represents the identity of the owner of the vehicle. You can also use the vehicle registration numbers for promoting your business name also. Some people think that cherished number plates are for luxurious purpose but that is not the case always. personalised number plates are purchased for investment purpose also because they can actually rise in value. Many people also gift personalised number plates to their near and dear ones. If you look around in your city in Great Britain, there are many people who are following the trend of personalised number plates. It gives a different sense of satisfaction to the owner of the vehicle bearing personalised number plates.

Buy Personalised Number Plates Online


After going through so many benefits of owning personalised number plates for your vehicle you may be in a dilemma that from where you should buy a DVLA registered number plate. There are many websites which sell cherished number plates but is the one who has the largest database of private number plates to choose from. This way you can go for selecting a precious and beautiful private car numberplate for yourself as well as you can also have all the paperwork and number plates delivered directly at your door.  We sell the original unissued number plates registered with DVLA, as the penalties are very severe on breaking the regulations. It is always advisable to choose the company providing cherished car number plates not contravening standards and regulations of DVLA. Always go for website like offering DVLA registered number plates as they have many options available for private number plates and cherished numberplates.